Jaffna & North

Situated at the northern tip of the island of Sri Lanka, the Jaffna peninsula is steeped in history. It is scattered with ancient Hindu kovils with colourful statues; colourful saris draped effortlessly over women on bicycles, and warm breezes carrying the sweet fragrance of fruit trees, colonial period churches that date back to the 17C; and ruins of ancient Buddhist temples‐ the North is a different world. Explore Jaffna town and its surrounding areas within the mainland, or hop on board a ferry and cross over to the remote islands. The landscape is dotted with Palmyra Palms and picturesque lagoons where flamingos flock after the rains. Jaffna has undergone much hardship due to terrorism and ultimately, a full‐ scale war, which ended a 30‐year conflict. The effects of this destructive and traumatic period will understandably remain for many years. Since 2009 (end of war), the people of Jaffna are gradually rebuilding their lives with much courage and renewed hope. A majority of Jaffna’s population are Tamil Hindus with some who follow Christianity. Jaffna is an enriching holiday experience for the more adventurous.

Highlights: Nallur Kovil, Jaffna Market, Keerimalai Spring, Islands of Nainativu, and Jaffna Peninsula.